What Dentists are Saying about EasySmile

Dr. Mireya Ortega

I have been looking at patients and their dental imperfections…The patients have not voiced their displeasure about their smiles and I had not asked, maybe assuming they were content… now in the last two weeks (since your on-site training program) I have treatment planned 52 EasySmile.





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Lab-free veneers in 2 minutes!

Spend 70% of your Time Practicing Cosmetic Dentistry
The Silverman Institute of Cosmetic Dentistry

Thanks to advances in dental technology patients can transform their smile in one visit using natural looking, patent pending non-invasive EasySmile .

The EasySmile System is a 3 leg cosmetic dentistry program. First it incorporates breakthroughs in veneer technology. This is the first system that guarantees final results before patients make a commitment to having work done. Best of all this is done in one visit without computer imaging. No expensive equipment, study models, wax-ups, time consuming temporaries or multiple fitting appointments are needed.

The Silverman Institute has found that eight out of ten patients in most general dental practices still have at least one tooth they would like to change relative to size, shape or appearance. That's a lot of untapped cosmetic dentistry still to be done in your practice.

We will help you find these patients with the 2nd leg of our program: the Silverman Institute's no-selling cosmetic dentistry system that dentists and team members love!

And to help you and your team instantly jump start your cosmetic dentistry program, the 3rd leg of our program seamlessly integrates our cosmetic management system into your existing routine.


  • Provides patients with beautiful, more natural looking results than conventional porcelain veneers
  • 4 veneers can be done in one visit in one hour!
  • Dentists know how difficult it can be to do a single veneer. EasySmile is the perfect single veneer system - blending in seamlessly with the patient's adjacent natural teeth while instantly increasing patient case acceptance
  • No need for time consuming, difficult to place tints or opaquers in 95% of all cases
  • No lab bills and no expensive equipment necessary needed
  • Veneers are contact lens thin and translucent
  • Our patent pending system provides guaranteed results
  • Our patent pending pre-consultation system allows dentists to determine if a patient may be a candidate before the patient comes to the office
  • No impressions or temporaries needed
  • Eliminates dentist and patient angst about the smile transformation
  • By far the most affordable veneer service for patients and still the most profitable to your practice
  • No trimming of pre-formed veneers involved
  • Intra-orally repairable and adjustable

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