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Dr. Harvey SilvermanHere's just some of the reasons why patients, dentists and staff members love EasySmile.

  • A breakthrough, beautiful, affordable, non-invasive smile makeover system
  • Natural looking veneers customized to a patient's unique smile and applied in a single office visit
  • BEST OF ALL patients see how EasySmile's patent pending Smile Preview Veneers look before making a final decision! Yes - BEFORE!

I give you my word that you will love this exciting, new technology!
Harvey Silverman, DMD

Dr. Ed Zuckerberg

"Every office should be using the EasySmile system. Doing just one veneer is usually a nightmare. Dr Silverman's Institute of Cosmetic Dentistry technique is a great one that I highly recommend for all dentists."
Dr. Ed Zuckerburg, California

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Lab-free veneers in 2 minutes!

A New Smile in 1 Visit in About an Hour or Less

After EasySmile Veneers

Dentists are transforming smiles
thanks to EasySmile

Let's face it. In the past changing smiles use to be expensive, invasive and required extensive treatment. Thanks to the EasySmile System, that is no longer the case.

Dentists using EasySmile enjoy doing cosmetic dentistry. Prior to offering EasySmile most dentists noticed the number of cosmetic cases had dropped over the past few years. After EasySmile these same dentists saw a dramatic increase in veneer case acceptance. Using EasySmile they could place 1 - 4 veneers that matched the adjacent teeth in minutes/tooth. Most importantly they loved how they could do stress-free, better cosmetic dentistry while more patients were finally saying yes to elective veneers.

Dr Harvey Silverman
The Silverman Institute of Cosmetic Dentistry

Here's Why Dentists like EasySmile TM

"It's easy, non invasive, there's no lab bill, they're not preformed veneers and the results are great!

Sometimes you only need to do 1 to 4 teeth, not 8 or 16 teeth. I think this will bring cosmetic dentistry to a lot more people and help us change a lot more lives for the better. "

Dr Gary Braunstein, Encinitas, CA
Member AACD

Training Dr B's team how to create EasySmile LifeLike Veneers in 2 minutes/tooth. By the end of the day, Dr B was treating patients with LifeLike Veneers!

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